Open Air | Wolfwalkers - Cineville Summer Tour

Tomm Moore (Song Of The Sea) dives into Irish folklore again for this animation film about an 11-year-old girl who has to wipe out the last pack of wolves with her father.

Because of the bad weather forecast this film screening will be moved indoors.
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WOLFWALKERS opens during Oliver Cromwell’s brutal colonization of Ireland, in the county of Kilkenny, which has fallen to English settlers after a bloody siege. On Cromwell’s orders, a young apprentice hunter, Robyn, and her father, Bill, are sent from England to track and kill the last of the wolves that live in woods outside the city walls. Adventurous and rebellious, Robyn sneaks into the woods and discovers a world unlike any she’s ever known. There she meets Mebh, a wild girl who was raised by wolves, and through her unique new friend begins to realize it’s not the forest that should be feared, but the ‘townies’. But, as she grows closer to the forest world, her relationship with her father is put to the test.
The final instalment in directors Tomm Moore and Ross Stewart’s ‘Irish folklore trilogy’ is a stunning testament to their singular animation style and storytelling skills. With visual references to pre-Celtic imagery and Studio Ghibli alike – and some catchy songs – WOLFWALKERS is an instant classic for all ages. (source:

Tomm Moore & Ross Stewart, Ireland, Luxembourg, USA, 2020, 103 min. English spoken, Dutch subtitles.
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