Who Killed The KLF?

This documentary on the rise and fall of British acid house group The KLF offers a fascinating insight into the world of art, culture and capitalism.

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They came to spread chaos and to make you dance. When the dancing stopped, the chaos was all that remained. Through a combination of archive footage and reconstruction, we follow The KLF on wild road trips to Sweden to ‘find ABBA’, to Scottish islands with robed journalists, and to Spain to watch the band make a disastrous big budget movie with no plot at all. As well as the crazy side of the band, we also explore the mainstream fame: the frequent visits to TOP OF THE POPS and their sets at warehouse raves with huge anthems like WHAT TIME IS LOVE? The film reaches its dramatic peak after their most idiotic stunt yet: they burn 1 million pounds and then drive a car off a cliff.

Chris Atkins, UK, 2021, 88 min. English spoken, without subtitles.