White Cube

Renzo Martens (Enjoy Poverty) lays bare the uneasy relationship between Western art museums and the violence of the plantation system and investigates a new value chain in art.

Please note that this film is in English, French and Lingala, with Dutch subtitles.
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Artist and filmmaker Renzo Martens founds a settlement in the middle of Congo. Here, plantation workers produce art that is critical of economic inequality. In THE WHITE CUBE, Martens radically examines his own presence within this social experiment. He unfolds the intriguing story of Mathieu Kasiama and a group of plantation workers, who produce self-portraits in clay. Their sculptures are 3D-scanned, sent to a museum in New York, and reproduced in chocolate. The New York Times subsequently heralds their sculptures as ‘the best art-show of the year’.

Renzo Martens, Netherlands, 2020, 90 min. English, French & Lingala spoken, Dutch subtitles.