Water Lilies Of Monet – The Magic Of Water And Light

Documentary about the French impressionist painter Claude Monet (1840-1926), a tale of an obsession with light and water.

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The documentary is inspired by the international bestseller MAD ENCHANTMENT: CLAUDE MONET AND THE PAINTING OF THE WATER LILIES by Ross King, who can also be seen in the film. Monet was obsessed with water and light and transformed this obsession into a series of revolutionary paintings. On the basis of these paintings, experts discuss the radical innovations in his work.
In 1914, when Monet was already in his 70’s, he started working on LES GRANDES DÉCORATIONS, the most colossal work in his oeuvre. He had to build a new studio for this series of water lily paintings. The work shows a landscape dotted with water lilies, water, willow branches, tree and cloud reflections, giving the ‘illusion of an endless whole, of a wave with no horizon and no shore’ in the words of Monet. It evokes an overwhelming sense of serenity; a symbol of hope and peace that Monet left to the world at a time that it was being torn apart by the First World War.

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Giovanni Troilo, Italy, 2018, 94 min. English spoken, Dutch subtitles.