Verloop van Jaren – Dichter bij Remco Campert

A year in the life of Dutch author, poet and columnist Remco Campert (b. 1929).

Please note that this film is in Dutch, without subtitles.
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Campert still sits at his typewriter every day, despite his advancing age. This veteran of the experimental Dutch literary movement of the early 1950s sees himself mainly as a poet, even though he might be more famous for his columns, short stories and public performances. He has carefully created an image of himself as a charming Sunday’s child, loved by everyone. But who is he really?
Director John Albert Jansen spent a year with Campert, quietly documenting his everyday life (the daily game of scrabble with his wife Deborah, a cup of tea, a cigarette, a glass of wine), as well as more intimate moments such as his admission to the hospital and conversations with his daughters and friends. He turns out to be a man of few words – at least verbally – but his poems tell a story of melancholy, mortality and approaching death. Fortunately, his writing keeps him going: ‘Poetry is an act of affirmation. I affirm that I am alive.’

John Albert Jansen, Netherlands, 2016, 78 min. Dutch spoken, without subtitles.