Dutch family film about Senegalese refugees in Rotterdam. After her mother is arrested, eleven-year-old Ama goes with her totem animal – a porcupine – in search of her father.

Please note that this film is in English and Dutch.
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Ama is the daughter of two Senegalese illegal immigrants. She feels completely Dutch, is a fanatical swimmer and dreams of one day becoming as good as Ranomi Kromowidjojo. One evening, her mother and brother are arrested. Ama manages to stay out of the hands of the police and goes in search of her father who is on night shift. This is how her wanderings through Rotterdam begin. During her search she is unexpectedly joined by a giant porcupine. With the help of the mysterious Kouyaté, Ama learns more about her totem animal.

Director Sander Burger understands that parents want to shield their children as much as possible from all the misery in the world, but at the same time considers it important to confront children with adult themes in an accessible way. In TOTEM he deals with the heavy theme of illegality, but at the same time tells an exciting story with a strong female main character.

Sander Burger, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Germany, 2022, 93 min. Dutch & English spoken, without subtitles. With Jean-Philippe Amani, Emmanuel Ohene Boafo, Céline Camara, Aqil Dahhan, Liam Romney.