Tintoretto: A Rebel In Venice

A film to celebrate the 500th anniversary of the last great artist of the Italian renaissance: Jacopo Robusti, known in the world of art as Tintoretto (1518-1594).

Time & Tickets

The screenings of Sunday at 12.00pm can be combined with breakfast. Click here for more info about Sunday's Film Breakfast and reservation

TINTORETTO: A REBEL IN VENICE explores the rivalry among the most important Venetian artists of the 16th century: Tintoretto, Titian and Veronese. We’ll discover Venice through Tintoretto’s life and canvases. As the narrative unfolds we’ll begin to understand how the plague deeply affected the city and the Venetian art. This visually spectacular art film explores Tintoretto as the mirror of Venice; his work reflected the true spirit of the lagoon city. Featuring special guest Peter Greenaway.

Giuseppe Domingo Romano, Italy, 2019, 95 min. English spoken, Dutch subtitles. With Peter Greenaway.