Three Summers

Brazilian comedy about gross class disparity and the infinite resourcefulness of those who can never take anything for granted.

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Regina Casé plays Madá, the fifty-something caretaker for a cluster of luxury beachside condos owned by a wealthy Rio de Janeiro family. Unfolding over the course of three consecutive summers – 2015 to 2017 – the film follows Madá as she invests in a roadside snack kiosk while tending to every need of her condescending employers, becomes a bystander in a major money-laundering scandal, and eventually launches a whole new career. With every dizzying new turn of events, Madá manages to retain her high spirits, her sense of loyalty to those who deserve it – and her eagle eye for opportunity.
Written by Kogut and Iana Cossoy Paro, THREE SUMMERS is a sort of modern picaresque, its tripartite structure allowing us to track its heroine’s roll-with-the-punches pluck while bearing witness to an epoch-defining scandal based on the real-life criminal investigation Operation Car Wash. (source:

Sandra Kogut, Brasil, France, 2019, 94 min. Portuguese spoken, English subtitles. With Regina Casé, Rogério Fróes, Gisele Fróes, Jéssica Ellen, Alli Willow.