The Workers Cup - English subtitled

A look inside Qatar’s labour camps, where over a million migrant workers have spent the last few years preparing for the upcoming World Cup under terrible conditions.

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With unprecedented access to construction sites for the upcoming World Cup in Qatar, this documentary follows one group of men from the one-and-a-half million mostly African and Asian migrant workers preparing for the world’s biggest sporting event. In the shadows of the controversial building sites, the men enthusiastically train to compete in a football tournament of their own: The Workers Cup.

Exposing long work hours for scant salaries, limited freedom of movement, and harsh living conditions in isolated labour camps, THE WORKERS CUP explores universal themes of ambition, aspiration, sport, and masculinity, as the protagonists wrangle hope, meaning, and opportunity out of their extremely precarious circumstances. The conclusion of this documentary is as painful as it is embarrassing: a human life has rarely been so worthless as in the run-up to this upcoming World Championship.

Adam Sobel, UK, 2017, 89 min. English, Hindi & Arabic spoken, English subtitles.