The Last Ones

A Nordic western about the clash between a mining company and a traditional reindeer herder, set against the majestic backdrop of the Lapland tundra.

Please note that this film is in Finnish, with Dutch subtitles.
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Life is hard for the miners in Lapland; only alcohol and the occasional prostitute offer solace in their existence. Young miner Rupi hopes to scrape together enough money to leave the dusty mining village for good. But work in the mine has come to a standstill because Rupi's father, a reindeer herder, refuses to sell his land. Rupi is torn between loyalty to the mine owner, with whose help he sells illegal pills, and his family. And there is also a woman involved, as both Rupi and the mine owner have their eye on the beautiful Riita.

Veiko Õunpuu (AUTUMN BALL, THE TEMPTATION OF ST. TONY, FREE RANGE) is Estonia’s most celebrated director. With THE LAST ONES he delivers a colourful indictment of greed and exploitation in the capitalist system. The film was selected to represent Estonia in the international film category of the Oscars.

Veiko Õunpuu, Finland, Estonia, 2020, 117 min. Finnish spoken, Dutch subtitles. With Pääru Oja, Laura Birn, Tommi Korpela, Elmer Bäck, Sulevi Peltola.