The Last days of Gilda

Brazilian drama about a colourful, independent woman who takes a stand against the rise of conservatism in her neighbourhood.

NB: Portuguese spoken, Dutch subtitled.
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Gilda loves good food and good sex. She lives in a Rio de Janeiro suburb. Not everyone in the neighbourhood appreciates the way she chooses to live, and she’s the talk of the town amongst her narrow-minded neighbours. Usually this does not bother her, but things change when she has to deal with Cacilda, a supporter of a reactionary Christian preacher who seems to be gaining increasingly more influence in the neighbourhood. There is no place for Gilda in their world. 

THE LAST DAYS OF GILDA is an ode to freedom and sensuality, but also an unflinching take on the conservative tsunami now storming Brazil. The film was originally filmed as a four-part miniseries for a streaming service, providing the film makers with more freedom and resources than the Brazilian film industry, which is increasingly struggling with government interference and censorship.

After 8 pm, you only have access to our building 20 minutes before your screening starts.

Gustavo Pizzi, Brasil, 2020, 100 min. Portuguese spoken, Dutch subtitles. With Karine Teles, Antonio Saboia, Julia Stockler.