The Feminister

Extraordinary portrait of Margot Wallström, Swedish minister of Foreign Affairs, who is mostly known for her feminist foreign policy and empathetic disposition.

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In a world that is still widely ruled by men, Margot Wallström tries to turn the tide by pursuing a ‘feminist foreign policy’ and putting women’s rights on the agenda whenever she can. The filmmakers follow her during her four-year term as Swedish minister of Foreign Affairs, and show how this combative woman has to find her place on the global political scene. She receives high acclaim for her political ideas but also meets with opposition. Every day, she receives death threats. She antagonizes Israel by recognizing Palestine, and she criticizes Saudi Arabia. Meanwhile, she is secretly involved in negotiations between the United States and North Korea and endeavours to have Sweden elected as a non-permanent member of the UN Security Council.

The Feminists of Maastricht - a group of Maastricht University students who are passionate about fact-based gender equality education - will moderate the discussion.

19.30hrs Film
21.00hrs Discussion moderated by Feminists of Maastricht
21.30hrs End

Viktor Nordenskiold, Sweden, 2019, 85 min. Swedish & English spoken, English subtitles.
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