Strange World (NL)

Animated adventure film produced by Walt Disney Studios about a legendary family of explorers.

Please note that this film is in Dutch, without subtitles.
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King Kong, Jules Verne and Indiana Jones; these are the names director Don Hall mentions when asked about the sources of inspiration for STRANGE WORLD. In this new Disney film, we follow the Clades, a family of three generations of explorers. They live in Avalonia, a city that has made enormous progress due to the discovery of a plant-based energy source called Pando. When problems arise with the plant, Searcher Clade, its discoverer, is sent on a dangerous mission to restore its power. Together with several members of his famous family, he tries to find a way through a strange and hostile world. In the process, the Clade family is joined by a wayward blob, a three-legged dog and a host of voracious creatures. To complete their mission, the Clades will have to overcome their differences.

Don Hall & Qui Nguyen, USA, 2022, 90 min. Dutch spoken, without subtitles.