Still Recording

Few other films get across the reality of war like this impressive eye witness report of the first years of the Syrian Civil War.

Cinéma Arabe
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In 2011 students Saeed and Milad travel to Douma to join the resistance. They start a radio station and lead a small camera crew. Their topic is not the battle itself, but rather how it impacts the daily lives of normal Syrians. One person takes up his gun, another creates art, a third attempts to continue his sport routine in the destroyed city.
A magnificent montage based on 450 hours of footage guides the viewer through all stages of the chaotic conflict and the emotions that come with it: euphoria, doubt, desperation, obstinacy. Because whatever happens, the camera is still rolling.

Saeed Al Batal & Ghiath Ayoub, Lebanon, Syria, France, Qatar, Germany, 2018, 120 min. Arabic & English spoken, English subtitles.