Shabu - English subtitled

Uplifting coming-of-age documentary about an adolescent from Rotterdam-Zuid who has crashed his grandmother’s car and has one summer to make up for it.

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The Dutch-Caribbean Shabu (14) lives in a block called Peperklip, in a notorious neighbourhood of Rotterdam. He dreams of being a famous musician. In this feel-good documentary, we enter this community through his eyes, vibrant and exuberant, exciting, and fun. A colourful, loving environment where everyone knows and supports each other.

Shabu needs that support, since he has a big obstacle to overcome this summer; he angered the most important woman in his life: his grandmother. He crashed her car joyriding it while she was on vacation in Surinam. So, instead of working on his music career he’ll have to pay for the damages done.

As a result of the spontaneous acting, SHABU looks like a feature film, but it is a genuine documentary. Winner of the Best Youth Flm at IDFA, the International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam.

Shamira Raphaëla, Netherlands, 2021, 75 min. Dutch spoken, English subtitles.