Renoir: Revered And Reviled

Pierre-August Renoir is loved for his impressionist paintings of Paris, but he grew bored with his own popular style and moved on to new challenges. This documentary examines the reasons behind the change.

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RENOIR: REVERED AND REVILED also shows the severe reactions Renoir’s work elicits from the viewing public to this day. But love him or hate him, you cannot deny his influence. The other 20th century giants – Picasso and Matisse – were both significantly influenced by Renoir’s new turn. Director Phil Grabsky draws from the 181 Renoir creations in the Barnes Foundation Collection in Philadelphia to provide us with an engaging, new biography that tells the story of Pierre-Auguste Renoir – the man who served as a vital link between what was and what was to come.

The screenings of Sundays at 12:00hrs can be combined with the Sunday's Film Breakfast.

Phil Grabsky, UK, 2016, 87 min. English spoken, Dutch subtitles.