Raphael: The Lord of the Arts

Few people in the history of art have lived a life so full of intensity and fascination quite like Raphael Sanzio. He died aged just 37 and yet managed to leave an indelible mark on art.

Please note that this film is in Italian, with Dutch subtitles.
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In a combination of historical reconstructions and artistic commentary, the film retraces the most significant moments of Raphael’s life. Expert contributions delivered by art historians Antonio Paolucci, Vincenzo Farinella and Antonio Natali enrich the story of the life and work of the artist. The film is set in twenty locations, with exclusive access to the Vatican Logge and Cardinal Bibbiena’s apartment in the Apostolic Palace, and shows the most famous and most representative of Raphael’s works of art.

Luca Viotto, Italy, 2017, 90 min. Italian spoken, Dutch subtitles. With Flavio Parenti, Enrico Lo Verso, Angela Curri, Marco Cocci.