Granny's Ghost Story + Returning Souls

In an attempt to revitalize local culture young villagers of the Amis tribe in Taiwan encounter heavy frustration. Taiwanese anthropologist Hu Tai-Li exposes this laborious process through a suitable mix of reality and legend.

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Carved pillars in the famous ancestral house of the tribe tell multiple legends: the great flood, the glowing girl and the descending shaman are all part of local folktales. 40 years ago, however, the house was destroyed by a massive typhone. Remains of the pillars were transported to the Institute of Ethnology Museum. As young villagers start a reconstruction of the house, they also bring ancestral souls back to the westernized Amis society. Local citizens are not in favour of this unique case of repatriation.

, 2019, 90 min. , without subtitles.