No Hay Camino

Life-affirming road movie in which Heddy Honigmann – who knows that the end of her life is approaching – embarks on a spiritual journey in her farewell film.

Please note that this film is in Spanish, Dutch and English, with Dutch subtitles.
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Facing her own truths and the realities of her terminal illness, acclaimed Dutch director Heddy Honigmann travels to her country of birth, Peru, and throughout the Netherlands to revisit some of the most important places and moments of her life. Richly illustrated with clips of her previous films, including METAL AND MELANCHOLY, O AMOR NATURAL, THE UNDERGROUND ORCHESTRA and CRAZY, Heddy weaves a tale of joy in the face of adversity.

Heddy Honigmann, Netherlands, 2021, 92 min. Spanish, Dutch & English spoken, Dutch subtitles.