Maxie en haar Ondeugende Tandenfee (6+)

Animation film about a cheeky fairy who gets lost in the human world and gets help from Maxie to return to the fairy world.

Please note that this film is in Dutch, without subtitles.
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Maxie is furious. Instead of strolling through the woods around her granny’s house, she now has to live in the city, fight with her two new annoying stepbrothers and play the good girl for her mum’s new boyfriend. She can’t believe her eyes when one morning a clumsy, funny, little fairy swirls around her head, looking for a baby tooth she is supposed to bring back to the fairy world. Her name is Violetta and in the human world for the very first time, she hopelessly falls for chocolate and anything sweet, soon forgetting about her mission and stranding in Maxie’s house. The lovely fairy causes chaos wherever she goes, casting wrong spells, turning everything into bouquets of flowers. With the magical powers of Violetta however weakening every day, Maxie and Violetta strike a deal: In return for helping her get back to the fairy world, Violetta will magically conjure Maxie back to her grandmother’s house. But all goes wrong and only Maxie’s stepbrothers now can help.

Caroline Origer, Luxembourg, 2023, 85 min. Dutch spoken, without subtitles.