Leave No Traces

Gripping drama based on historical facts about the murder of 18-year-old student Grzegorz Przemyk by communist militia under martial law in Poland in 1983.

Please note that this film is in Polish, with Dutch subtitles.
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Poland, 1983. The country is shaken by the case of Grzegorz Przemyk – a high school student beaten to death by militia. Based on true events, the film follows the story of Jurek – the only witness of the beating, who overnight became the number one enemy of the state. The oppressive regime used its whole apparatus – the secret service, militia, the media and the courts – to squeeze Jurek and other people close to the case, including his parents and Przemyk’s mother, Barbara.

Director Jan Pawel Matuszynski spent four years investigating why the police had beaten Grzegorz Przemyk to death – in vain. The director: ‘Nobody knows who threw the final, deadly punch that killed him. It’s Kafkaesque and it resembles contemporary cases. Only when we remember, there is hope it won’t happen again.’

Jan Pawel Matuszynski, Poland, Czech Republic, France, 2021, 160 min. Polish spoken, Dutch subtitles. With Tomasz Zietek, Sandra Korzeniak, Jacek Braciak, Agnieszka Grochowska, Robert Wieckiewicz, Tomasz Kot.