Leaning Into The Wind

A vibrant journey through the world of Andy Goldsworthy; a Scottish artist known for his breathtaking site-specific installations involving natural materials and the passage of time.

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Andy Goldsworthy not only leans into the wind, but also climbs trees, shakes out clouds of pollen, penetrates hedgerows, and lies in the rain. From urban Edinburgh and Glasgow to the South of France and New England, Berlin and San Francisco, each environment he encounters becomes a fresh kaleidoscopic canvas for his art.

Thomas Riedelsheimer intimately captures Goldsworthy’s exploration of the world and himself through these ephemeral and permanent workings on the landscapes. ‘Leaning Into the Wind’ opens the door into Goldsworthy’s world, revealing his art living in symbiosis with nature.

Thomas Riedelsheimer, UK, Germany, 2017, 93 min. English, Portuguese & French spoken, Dutch subtitles.