Le Sorelle Macaluso

Touching drama about five sisters who lead a poor but happy existence in a dilapidated apartment in Palermo. On a hot summer day, disaster strikes.

Please note that this film is in Italian, with Dutch subtitles.
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Maria, Pinuccia, Lia, Katia, Antonella. The childhood, adulthood and old age of five sisters born and raised in an apartment on the top floor of a small block in the suburbs of Palermo, where they live alone, without their parents. A home that bears the marks of the time that passes, as do those who have grown up in it and still live there. The story of five women, of a family, of who goes, who remains and who resists.

The movie is divided into three chapters, each of which corresponds to a particular age of the five sisters who are its protagonists: childhood, adulthood and old age. The sisters are played by twelve actresses. And it is the sisters’ love for each other and for the home in which they live that keeps their entire existence going as if they were a single living organism. LE SORELLE MACALUSO is a film about time. About memory. About things that last. (source:

Emma Dante, Italy, 2020, 94 min. Italian spoken, Dutch subtitles. With Alissa Maria Orlando, Susanna Piraino, Anita Pomario, Eleonora De Luca, Donatella Finocchiaro.