Le Sommet des Dieux

César-winning, thrilling animation film about a journalist who goes to the Himalayas in search of a camera belonging to mountaineer George Mallory, who died on Mount Everest.

Please note that this film is in French, with Dutch subtitles.
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Were George Mallory and his companion Andrew Irvine the first men to scale Everest on 8 June 1924? Only the little Kodak VPK camera they took with them might reveal the truth.

In Kathmandu, seventy years later, a young Japanese reporter named Fukamachi recognizes the camera in the hands of the mysterious Habu Jôji, an outcast climber believed missing for years. Fukamachi enters a world of obsessive mountaineers hungry for impossible conquests on a journey that leads him, step by step, towards the summit of the gods.

A thrilling adventure set against breath-taking Himalayan landscapes, inspired by real events and adapted from Jiro Taniguchi’s and Baku Yumemakura’s bestselling manga.

Patrick Imbert, Luxembourg, France, 2021, 95 min. French spoken, Dutch subtitles.
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