Latcho Drom - English subtitled

Hypnotic documentary in which the journey of the Roma people is told by musicians and dancers.

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Tony Gatlif, an Algerian-French director of Roma descent, takes the viewer on a musical journey that begins in Northwest India and ends in Spain. Without dialogue, but with beautiful music and breath-taking images, the life of the nomadic Roma who migrated from Egypt and Turkey to Europe is told. LATCHO DROM is about displacement and persecution, about poor families and caravans along barbed wire, but also about zest for life and hope as evidenced by the stanza ‘Happiness abandons us / but will also return’.

If you like LATCHO DROM, then it is recommended to (re)discover Gatlif’s earlier films. (GADJO DILO, EXILS, VENGO).

Tony Gatlif, France, 1993, 103 min. French, Romani, Turkish, Slovak, Rajasthani, Hungarian, Arabic & Spanish spoken, English subtitles.