La ragazza del futuro

Italian drama about a young woman who rebels against age-old traditions and prevailing moral codes in 1960s Sicily.

Please note that this film is in Italian, with Dutch subtitles.
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In LA RAGAZZA DEL FUTURO, we are introduced to Lia, a cheerful, strong-willed young woman. She has been friends for some time with the flamboyant Lorenzo, the mayor’s son. Lorenzo wants more than friendship, but Lia holds off. One night, Lorenzo kidnaps her to a mountain hut, where he has sex with her against her will. An ancient Sicilian tradition dictates that Lia is now forced to marry Lorenzo in order to ‘restore’ her honour. Lia does not accept this and decides to take up the fight for self-determination.

Marta Savina, Italy, 2022, 96 min. Italian spoken, Dutch subtitles. With Fabrizio Ferracane, Claudia Gusmano, Manuela Ventura, Francesco Colella..