Jippie No More!

Feel-good movie about Jippie and his family. In the days leading up to Jippie’s sister’s wedding, all are challenged in love in their own way.

Please note that this film is in Dutch, without subtitles.
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As Jippie’s family prepares for eldest sister Gail’s wedding at Grandpa William's country home, emotions and tensions mount. JIPPIE NO MORE! follows various storylines within the family. Jippie, a teenager who loves music, falls in love for the first time in his life. But Lily, the girl of his dreams, has a crush on his younger sister Joe. Entangled in their own struggles and the stress of preparations, the family members almost lose each other.

Director Margien Rogaar is known from the successful family series LAMPJE and screenwriter Fiona van Heemstra is known from box office hit KNOR. Together they made a heart-warming family film for young and old. JIPPIE NO MORE! was selected as the opening film of Cinekid 2023.

Margien Rogaar, Netherlands, 2023, 95 min. Dutch spoken, without subtitles. With Wesley van Klink, Guide Pollemans, Aus Greidanus sr., Lotte Jonker.