Here We Move, Here We Groove (+ Q&A Sergej Kreso)

In this moving musical documentary, DJ Robert Soko, a legend in the Balkan Beats scene, tries to find the sounds of a new Europe with the help of migrants.

Please note that the film is in English, French, German, Arabic and Farsi, with Dutch subtitles.
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‘Dub-dub’ is the sound the wheels make as DJ Robert Soko drives his taxi over the spot in the road where the Berlin wall once stood. It also echoes the East-meets-West beat of rousing Balkan rhythms blended with Western music that Soko launched onto the European club scene in 1993, under the name Balkan Beats. As a young refugee from former Yugoslavia, Soko organized dance nights that quickly became a hit in European cities. Now the popularity of the movement is waning and Soko is looking for a new source of inspiration. He finds it on a trip back to his native soil, where streams of refugees from Syria and Afghanistan are passing through.

HERE WE MOVE, HERE WE GROOVE is quite a personal documentary for Limburg-based director Sergej Kreso, who fled Sarajevo in 1993 to continue his work as an artist in The Netherlands. Both he and Soko used art to fit in with a new culture. Consequently, they know exactly what migrants nowadays are going through. It’s this consciousness that makes this documentary an utterly gripping watch.

Sergej Kreso, Netherlands, 2020, 92 min. Arabic, French, Greek, Farsi, German, English, Servo-Kroatisch, Bosnian & Serbian spoken, Dutch subtitles.