Have A Nice Day

The lives of a mafia boss, a hit man, a punk, and a geek thief intertwine in the hunt for a driver who robs his boss to pay for his fiancée’s plastic surgery do-over.

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Please note that this version is with Dutch subtitles. Click here for the version with English subtitles. 

A city in southern China and a bag containing a million yuan draws several people from diverse backgrounds with different personal motives into a bloody conflict. Philosophising gangster bosses, ageing hit men, men and women who are tired of the struggle to survive – anyone who happens to have the bag holds on to it tightly, as if it were a lifeline.

HAVE A NICE DAY is a black comedy; the film’s inscrutable, laconic humour holds up a magnifying glass to attitudes to life and social conditions. Humankind’s constant greed meets a deeply insecure country in transition. The reduced realism of the film’s animated tableaus heightens and stylises the mood in today’s China, caught between stasis and a new beginning. The signs and symbols of capitalism impose themselves everywhere, but most people are excluded from the life these signs promise. And Mao Zedong’s image still graces the banknotes. (source:

Jian Liu, China, 2017, 77 min. Mandarin spoken, Dutch subtitles.