Hard Paint

A thrilling love story about a shy twentysomething online erotic worker, famous for his neon paint-slathered blacklight dances, who finds unexpected tenderness in the heart of an unforgiving city.
Please note that this film is in Portuguese, with Dutch subtitles.
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Pedro earns a living in chat rooms. The image resolution may not be perfect but when Pedro transforms himself into NeonBoy in front of the webcam he still manages to create the desired impression. Slowly, this young man dips his fingers into pots of coloured paint and glides them across his naked body. Glowing in the dark, NeonBoy follows his users’ commands until he agrees to meet one of them in a private chat room for money. But things change when Pedro’s sister Luiza moves out of their shared apartment and he notices that somebody is imitating his performances. He agrees to go on a date with his mysterious rival. This rendezvous will have far-reaching consequences.

Filipe Matzembacher & Marcio Reolon, Brasil, 2018, 118 min. Portuguese spoken, Dutch subtitles. With Shico Menegat, Bruno Fernandes, Guega Peixoto, Sandra Dani, Frederico Vasques.