Granny's Ghost Story + Man-Shin: Ten Thousand Spirits

Kim Keum-wha (1931) is Korea’s top shaman. In this anything but straight-forward documentary her story is interwoven with important moments in Korea’s recent history.

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Ever since an initiation rite at the age of seventeen, Kim is possessed by spirits. She dedicated her life to conserving the Korean shamanism tradition. She trained to practice Guts – rites carried out by shamans, meant to strengthen the bond between spirits and people – and excelled in traditional singing and dancing. The country has been under her spell for centuries. Kim’s impressive career however coincides with a history of oppression on shamanism throughout the Japanese colonial period and the Korean War. With an enthralling mix of archival footage, animation and re-enactment director Park Chan Kyong – essentially a visual artist – describes Korea’s recent history through the extraordinary eyes of Kim.

, 2019, 90 min. , without subtitles.