When Jeffrey discovers that his father has a long-drawn debt with Vester, a local, charismatic crime boss, he does what every loving son would do: he secretly takes over his father’s debt.

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Please note that this film is in Dutch and Limburgish (local dialect), with Dutch subtitles.
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Jeffrey starts doing jobs for Vester, which leads him to a hunger for more money and power. Jeffrey’s star rises and Lei’s attempts to keep his son from straying from his side, only result in a greater estrangement. Jeffrey’s new girlfriend Nicole urges father and son to reconcile, but their rigid thoughts prove difficult to change.

This film will be introduced (language: Dutch) by psychoanalyst Jos van Eijk.

Remy van Heugten, Netherlands, 2015, 102 min. Dutch & Limburgish (local dialect) spoken, Dutch subtitles. With Bart Slegers, Vincent van der Valk, Johan Leysen, Joy Verberk, Jacques Lucassen.