Girls, Girls, Girls

Three Finnish girls on the threshold of womanhood struggle with teenage problems, sex, perfectionism and relationships in the fresh and humorous GIRLS, GIRLS, GIRLS.

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GIRLS, GIRLS, GIRLS is a naturalistic film about the growing pains that come with the transition from teenager to adult. Best friends Mimmi and Rönkkö work together in a smoothie bar, selling drinks with names like ‘It Takes Two to Mango’ and ‘Lime of Passion’. The witty Rönkkö has no trouble attracting boys’ attention, but her sexual experiences are a source of frustration rather than satisfaction. Mimmi, meanwhile, falls madly in love with Emma, a perfectionist figure skater who is training for the European championships, but who just cannot manage to perform the triple lutz (a jump in figure skating) properly. While Mimmi and Emma begin a serious relationship, including all the intense feelings that come with it, Rönkkö visits parties in pursuit of a truly satisfying sexual experience.

In GIRLS, GIRLS, GIRLS we are in the familiar territory of coming-of-age films, but the film stands out for its fresh take on teenage sexuality. Whereas many films portray young women as (potential) victims of transgressive behaviour, in this Finnish film we only see sexual situations initiated by the girls themselves. The film won the Audience Award at the Sundance Film Festival, in the World Cinema section.

Please note that this film is in Finnish and French, with Dutch subtitles.

Alli Haapasalo, Finland, 2022, 100 min. Finnish spoken, Dutch subtitles. With Aamu Milonoff, Eleonoora Kauhanen, Linnea Leino.