Newsroom satire by Bruno Dumont about the ugly relationship between the national media and politics. With Léa Seydoux as a star reporter who will do anything for higher ratings.

Please note that this film is in French, German and English, with Dutch subtitles.
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Paris, today. France de Meurs is a star journalist running between a television set, a distant war and the hustle and bustle of her busy family life. Her frantic high-profile world is suddenly turned upside down after a traffic accident in which she injures a pedestrian. This unexpected irruption of reality calls everything into question. As France attempts to slow down and retreat into a simple anonymous life, her fame continues to pursue her until a mystified love affair seems to put an end to her quest.

However, in FRANCE Dumont also sketches a picture of the French media, feverishly rushing from one spectacle to the next. But also of the entire country, obsessed with itself while it is no longer the world power it used to be.

Bruno Dumont, Belgium, Germany, France, 2021, 134 min. French, German & English spoken, Dutch subtitles. With Léa Seydoux, Blanche Gardin, Benjamin Biolay, Emanuele Arioli.