Fashionclash Exhibition: SCHUIT presents Material-Think-Space

Material-Think-Space is a collective founded by Kate McCambridge and Louis Alderson-Bythell. This work reconsiders the perceived boundaries delineating body and surface, 'our' matter and 'other' matter. They will exhibit artefacts from the work, including still images and video. (Free entrance, open 11.00-01.00 hrs)

Special: Festival
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The skin of the body merges with the skin of the built environment, each becoming an extension of the other. Through movement across the skins, space and place are both inhabited and continually re-constructed.

By entering these couplings, formerly distinct elements enter a symbiosis of properties. The assemblage of the animate and the inanimate breaks down the hierarchical organisation of parts, proposing temporary alliances between the organic and the inorganic.
Instagram: schuitcollection, _l.a.b_, Kate_mccambridge