Entre deux Mondes

Social drama starring Juliette Binoche as a successful writer who goes undercover to work as a cleaner in Normandy. She gets to know life on the poverty line.

Please note that this film is in French, English and German, with Dutch subtitles.
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ENTRE DEUX MONDES is based on the book LE QUAI DE OUISTREHAM by journalist Florence Aubenas. A few years ago, she decided to take unpaid leave from the opinion magazine Le Nouvel Observateur. She moved into a furnished room in the port city of Caen, where for six months she experienced at first hand what it is like to live on the poverty line as a femme de ménage on a ferry. The book about her experiences became a bestseller in France.

In ENTRE DEUX MONDES, the role of Aubenas (called Marianne Winckler in the film) is played by Juliette Binoche; the other cast members are mostly non-professional actors. The sober, documentary-like film sketches a loving portrait of workers who lead a poverty-stricken life, but who support each other in every possible way. Winckler is accepted into the community, but at the same time struggles with the fact that she cannot reveal her real identity, and does not do this work to survive, but to write a book. The film won an audience award at the San Sebastian Film Festival.

Emmanuel Carrère, France, 2020, 106 min. French, English & German spoken, Dutch subtitles. With Juliette Binoche, Hélène Lambert, Didier Pupin, Emily Madeleine, Evelyne Porée..