El Presidente

In this incisive political drama, the newly sworn-in Argentine president faces a formidable challenge when geopolitical wheeling-dealing and backstage family issues collide at a South American oil-trade summit.

Please note that this film is in Spanish, English and Portuguese, with Dutch subtitles.
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Santiago Mitre third feature explores behind-the-scenes facets of political power and the solitary aspects of the presidential office. Hernán Blanco faces his first presidential challenge at a South American summit aimed at creating an oil-trade pact for the region. Matters are complicated by backstage family issues that threaten to erode Blanco’s everyman veneer.

Mitre’s camera details both the public and backroom dealings of South American political leaders where the Brazilian leader, nicknamed the Emperor, reigns. Hoping to upend Brazilian ambitions, the Mexican president tries to talk Blanco into a counter-proposal. The politicking continues as the US requests a top-secret meeting with Blanco. Elegantly constructed and supported by an all-star cast, EL PRESIDENTE melds political thriller with societal commentary while probing the nebulous depths of politics today.

Santiago Mitre, Argentina, France, Spain, 2017, 114 min. Spanish, English & Portuguese spoken, Dutch subtitles. With Walter Andrade, Ricardo Darín, Dolores Fonzi, José María Marcos, Fernando Contigiani García.
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