El Botón De Nácar

El Botón De Nacar is a story about water, cosmos and us. It all starts with the discovery of two mysterious buttons deep in the Pacific Ocean, off the Chilean coast.

Please note that this film is in Spanish and Kawésqar, with Dutch subtitles.
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The ocean contains the history of all humanity. The sea holds all the voices of the earth and those that come from outer space. Water receives impetus from the stars and transmits it to living creatures. Water, the longest border in Chile, also holds the secret of two mysterious buttons that were found on its ocean floor. Chile, with its 2,670 miles of coastline and the largest archipelago in the world, presents a supernatural landscape. In it are volcanoes, mountains and glaciers. In it are the voices of the Patagonian Indigenous people, the first English sailors and also those of its political prisoners. Some say that water has memory. This film shows that it also has a voice.

Patricio Guzmán, Chile, France, Spain, 2015, 82 min. Spanish & Kawésqar spoken, Dutch subtitles.
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