Dwelling in the Fuchun Mountains

Multi-award-winning Chinese drama in which we follow a year in the life of an ordinary family in the provincial town of Fyuang.

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The four sons of the Yu family are living in a small town on the Chinese river Fuchun. The oldest is running a restaurant, the second lives on a fishing boat, the third is a single father and the youngest is considered useless in the eyes of his brothers. When their mother collapses on her 70th birthday, four seasons of change, anger and happiness follow.

Like a Chinese landscape painting, DWELLING IN THE FUCHUN MOUNTAINS masterfully, elegantly, and poetically flows through the complex life of a family that feels both its inner transformation and that of Chinese society. Self-taught filmmaker Gu Xiaogang’s debut enchants with grandiose image compositions and a sense of rhythm reminiscent of such Taiwanese masters as Tsai Ming-liang or Edward Yang.

Gu Xiaogang, China, 2019, 150 min. Mandarin spoken, Dutch subtitles. With Dong Zhenyang, Du Hongjun, Mu Wei, Peng Luqi, Qian Youfa.