Psychological drama about an intriguing mother-daughter relationship and the choice between loyalty, health and love.

Please notice this film is in Dutch with no subtitles.
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Suze lives, together with her husband and daughter, on Texel and has a happy and orderly life there. When her mother Helena, a celebrated theatre actress, pays them an unexpected visit, her carefully constructed existence begins to waver.

Helena tells Suze that she has an incurable brain tumour, and Suze decides to take care of her mother in Amsterdam. Her return to the city, the exciting world of theatre and the old patterns in her relationship with her mother put her on edge. The turmoil slowly but surely eats its way into her family's life. Torn between loyalty to her mother and loyalty to her family, she is faced with an emotional choice.

Margot Schaap, Netherlands, 2021, 113 min. Dutch, English & Estonian spoken, Dutch subtitles. With Hanna van Vliet, Elsie de Brauw, Elin Koleci, Simeoni Sundja, Jade Olieberg.
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