Drii Winter

Drii Winter follows the rhythm of the seasons in a remote village in the Swiss Alps, where the love affair between Anna and Marco is severely put to the test.

Please note that this film is in Swiss German, with Dutch subtitles.
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Although a lowlander, Marco is a robust fellow. He is now working as a farmhand for mountain farmer Alois in a remote Swiss alpine village and, even at the regulars’ table at the local inn, people are slowly learning to appreciate this iced tea drinker. Anna is a local village girl; she has a daughter, Julia, from a previous relationship. Some doubt whether this new relationship will work out – but not Marco or Anna. They get married. Their love is gentle and beautiful; unable to fully fathom it, they express it in simple words. The trust between them grows and their tenderness endures; the happiness they feel at every touch is only surpassed by the warmth of stroking a cow. But soon Marco seems to be losing control of his impulses more and more often.

Humankind and nature merge in a unique way in Michael Koch’s film. Powered by the congenial normality of its non-professional cast, his work follows the rhythm of the seasons with a tranquil conviction that is devoid of hysteria in spite of the circumstances – even if body and soul are fraught with tension. A jewel of a film. (source:

Michael Koch, Switzerland, 2022, 136 min. German & Swiss German spoken, Dutch subtitles. With Michèle Brand, Simon Wisler, Elin Zgraggen, Daniela Barmettler.