Chasing Einstein

Chasing Einstein follows leading scientists on the brink of discoveries that have the potential to drastically change the way we see the universe.

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Einstein’s finding that the vast majority of gravity is caused by an unknown, invisible form of matter (“dark matter”) has been crucial to our understanding of the universe for more than 100 years. Ever since, researchers have been trying to search for this matter. Yet, what if all these years scientists have been looking for something that doesn’t exist? Then again, what if it does - and they’ve just been unable to find it?
This interesting question lies at the heart of CHASING EINSTEIN, in which scientists - including Nobel Laureates - are followed around the world to extraordinary experiments like LIGO and CERN. Physics now stands at a crossroads: some physicists have dedicated their lives to search for “dark matter”, whereas others – the Dutch physicist Erik Verlinde for example – are working on a new theory of gravity that can change everything.

After the screening Jacco de Vries, Assistant Professor of Physics at Maastricht University and researcher at LHC at CERN, will talk about his experiences at CERN and the development of the Einstein Telescope in Maastricht (language: English).

19.30hrs Mini-lecture by Jacco de Vries
19.45hrs Start film
21.05hrs Q&A
21.30hrs End

Steve Brown & Timothy Wheeler, USA, 2019, 82 min. English spoken, without subtitles. With Elena Aprile, Barry Barish, Laura Baudis.