Casque d’Or

Film classic with Simone Signoret as a prostitute from the Belle Époque who drives three different men, including Serge Reggiani, crazy.

Please note that this film is in French, with Dutch subtitles.
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Jacques Becker lovingly evokes the Belle Époque (1870-1914) Parisian demimonde in this classic tale of doomed romance. When gangster’s moll Marie falls for reformed criminal Manda, their passion incites an underworld rivalry that leads inexorably to treachery and tragedy. With poignant, nuanced performances and sensuous black-and-white photography, CASQUE D’OR is Jacques Becker at the height of his cinematic powers – a romantic masterpiece. (source:

Before the screening, there will be a performance by ‘le troubadour des Carrefours’ Frédéric Dorfman. Through songs and stories (language: Dutch) he will pay hommage to actor-singer Serge Reggiani. In the 1960s and 1970s Reggiani was one of the most popular interpreters of the French chanson. After a career in theater and later in film, he started singing at the age of 40. His rough image made him popular with both young and and elder audiences. Eventually he became one of the best interpreters of the French chanson, with lyrics by Charles Baudelaire, Jacques Prévert and Georges Moustaki.

This event is organized in collaboration with the Alliance Française Maastricht. Jack Post will provide a short introduction to the film (language: Dutch).

Jacques Becker, France, 1952, 96 min. French spoken, Dutch subtitles. With Simone Signoret, William Sabatier, Claude Dauphin, Serge Reggiani, Raymond Bussières.
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