In post-war, communist Budapest the secret police imprison an ordinary family in their own apartment. The same fate awaits everyone that unsuspectingly rings the family’s doorbell.

Please note that this film is in Hungarian, with Dutch subtitles.
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Many Hungarians in post-war Budapest feared the sound of the doorbell in the early morning. This often meant that the secret police were there to deport a family on the basis of some vague accusations. The Gál family’s doorbell also rings one morning. Only, in their case, no one is deported; the secret police decides to move into their apartment and hold them as captives. The same goes for their visitors. Days without an explanation go by while a growing number of paranoid prisoners ponder the motives of the secret police.

Surprisingly, the tone of CAPTIVES is a relatively light-hearted and comical one. Of course there is fear, injustice and mistrust, but most of all there is solidarity and humanity. Even under a totalitarian government, there’s room for hope and trust. (wg)

Kristóf Deák, Hungary, 2020, 85 min. Hungarian spoken, Dutch subtitles. With Eliza Sodró, Zsófia Szamosi, Ernõ Fekete, Levente Molnár, Ádám Porogi.