Road movie about two brothers, Hassan and Mourad, searching for their younger brother Yasin, an alleged extremist in war-torn Syria.

Please note that this film is in Dutch, without subtitles.
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Cynical stand-up comedian Hassan and Afghan veteran Mourad travel to war-torn Syria to search for their younger brother Yasin, who got lost after crossing the border from Azraq in Jordan to Daraa in Syria. The two reluctant brothers try to stay out of the conflict to bring Yasin home as quickly as possible, but they get involved themselves. Does the journey bring the brothers closer to each other and re-unite the family? Or will the war tear them further apart?

Hanro Smitsman, Netherlands, 2017, 92 min. Dutch spoken, not subtitles. With Achmed Akkabi, Walid Benmbarek, Bilal Wahib, Ghalia Takriti, Mostafa Benkerroum.