Blood Simple (40th anniversary)

For those curious about the early work of the Coen brothers (Fargo, The Big Lebowski), Lumière screens their debut feature BLOOD SIMPLE, about a bar owner who hires a bawdy private detective to spy on his wife.

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In honour of its 40th anniversary, the Coen brothers worked on a new edit of their debut feature and the film was restored in 4K. With BLOOD SIMPLE, Joel and Ethan Coen delivered their black comic business card right away. A café owner in a small town in Texas discovers that his wife is having an affair with one of his employees and hires a not too smart private detective to kill the two. When a dead body is discovered, a complex web of deceit and double agendas emerges and it is only a matter of time until there are more casualties.

Joel & Ethan Coen, USA, 1984, 99 min. English spoken, Dutch subtitles. With John Getz, Frances McDormand, Dan Hedaya, M. Emmet Walsh, Samm-Art Williams.