Bijt - English subtitled

Stylistically bold feature debut from Limburg filmmaker Guido Coppis with Reinout Scholten van Aschat in the role of a destructive man suffering from an intense form of self-hatred.

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Mark is a young man whose life seems to be a complete failure. He is socially awkward, full of repressed feelings and his self-hatred is approaching boiling point. The chilly desolation of his living environment – exacerbated by the gloomy orange tones in which the film is soaked – does not help either. Even his trumpet sounds bleak. Then, at his grandfather’s deathbed, he meets Lisa, who’s got a similar outlook on life. Can she lead him away from the abyss?

It is very hard to believe that BIJT is Guido Coppis’s (Venray, 1998) debut. In recent years, Coppis has made no fewer than fourteen short films, including VOOR HET SLAPEN GAAN and BELOFTE. That experience is clearly reflected in this film, an apt stylistic exercise with a dark sense of humour. Fun fact: the film's poster was designed by Andrzej Pagowski, who also made the poster for A SHORT FILM ABOUT KILLING by Polish director Krzysztof Kieślowski, a director who inspired Coppis.

Guido Coppis, Netherlands, 2024, 105 min. Dutch spoken, English subtitles. With Reinout Scholten van Aschat, Frieda Barnhard, Johan Leysen, Thomas van Luin, Mike Libanon.