Before Midnight - Linklater in focus

In the (final?) part of the Before film series, Jesse and Celine are on holiday in sunny Greece, but the daily grind has left its mark on their relationship.

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Almost two decades after their first meeting in Vienna and nine years after their last rendezvous in Paris, Jesse and Celine have become a couple after all. We meet them during a holiday on a Greek island, in the company of their two daughters. They still love each other, but parenthood and the worries of everyday life are taking their toll. During their last night on the island, their fears, disappointments and frustrations surface and they must choose: will they stay together or will they call it quits?

Like the previous films in the series, BEFORE MIDNIGHT consists of a sequence of long, uninterrupted, naturally acted scenes in which love, sex, relationships, mortality and a thousand other things are discussed.

As it has now been eleven years since the release of this third part of the BEFORE film series, speculation about a fourth film is rife on the internet. Ethan Hawke recently revealed that he is definitely interested, but for now a fourth film seems unlikely. In late 2023, Julie Delpy told French magazine Télérama in a candid interview that she is considering ending her career in the film industry. She turned down a request from Richard Linklater to make a fourth part.

Please note that this film is in English, French and Greek, with Dutch subtitles. Although there is some non-English dialogue, the film can still be watched and (and tremendously enjoyed) by an English-speaking audience.

To mark the release of HIT MAN, we're presenting some highlights from Richard Linklater's body of work under the banner Linklater in Focus: DAZED AND CONFUSED, the BEFORE trilogy, and BOYHOOD. This is a unique opportunity to (re)discover these classics on the big screen.

Richard Linklater, USA, 2013, 108 min. English spoken, Dutch subtitles. With Ethan Hawke, Julie Delpy, Seamus Davey-Fitzpatrick, Jennifer Prior, Charlotte Prior.