And Then We Danced

The personal, political and romantic tale of a young male dancer’s sexual awakening in contemporary Tbilisi.

Please note that this film is in Georgian, with Dutch subtitles.
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Merab, a Georgian youth descending from a line of dancers, has trained his entire life toward one goal: to dance in the Georgian National Ballet. In the meantime, he is a National Ensemble dancer, challenged by a demanding teacher and rigorous rehearsals. However, the most significant obstacle he faces are the feelings he develops for Irakli, a new dancer who becomes Merab’s rival and threatens to overshadow him.

Levan Akin’s third film – the Swedish entry for the best international feature film at the Academy Awards – is an elegant and heartfelt work featuring impressive performances by two actors-dancers. It is also a very bold work, which touches upon a raw nerve in the conservative Georgian society.

Levan Akin, Sweden, Georgië, France, 2019, 105 min. Georgian spoken, Dutch subtitles. With Levan Gelbakhiani, Bachi Valishvili, Ana Javakishvili, Giorgi Tsereteli, Tamar Bukhnikashvili.
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