Along the Way

Mijke de Jong (Joy, Layla M.) tells the moving story of the Afghan twin sisters Nahid and Malihe, who try to reach Fortress Europe as refugees.

Please note that this film is in Farsi, with Dutch subtitles.
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ALONG THE WAY’s genesis lies in the voluntary work De Jong did at the infamous Moria refugee camp on Lesbos, where she met Nahid and Malihe. Touched by their story, ambitions and talent, De Jong decided to collaborate with them.

This results in a gripping and powerful film about the experiences of Fatima and Zahra, stranded in Istanbul after a perilous journey from Tehran. Their goal is Greece, but even then they will still be nowhere. Like other young adults, Fatima and Zahra hope they will make it; they dream of careers as filmmakers. With their ingenuity and mental resilience, they will undoubtedly succeed – if they are given the opportunity.

ALONG THE WAY was selected as the opening film for the International Film Festival

Rotterdam 2022; the premiere was cancelled due to the corona crisis though.

Mijke de Jong, Netherlands, 2022, 80 min. Farsi spoken, Dutch subtitles. With Malihe Rezaie, Nahid Rezaie, Sina Nazari.